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The EagleDot post-RIP proofing solution can accept 1-bit tiff format files. Withthe RIP option EagleDot can additionally support all functions of EagleProof.

EagleDotis geared towards production environments requiring accurate contract proofingsuch as those found  in commercial printers, publishing houses, advertising agencies and service bureaus.


The EagleProof pre-RIP proofing solution can accept PS, PDF, EPS, Tiff, and PRNfile formats.

EagleProofis the perfect color and content proofing solution for independent designers,advertising/design agencies, publishers and newspapers.

New intuitive GUI makes it easy to use:

The main functions of EagleDot/EagleProof are easily accessed via the intuitiveGUI, making it simple for graphic designers, printers or publishers to use.

Retain Black printing for lower production costs

EagleDot/EagleProof Retain Black ink feature provides for true Retain Black printing of text andgray elements for lower ink usage and sharper text reproduction.

Automated proof production

EagleProofcan accept jobs directly from Windows NT Pipe, Appletalk, and Hot Folders.

EagleDot accepts jobs through Hot Folders which can be individually configured forcolor, content, file type, and output media.

Simple color calibration means speedy setup

Digital proofing users no longer have to struggle with time consuming color calibration. With Founder EagleDot/EagleProof you can accurately calibrate color with the help of an easy-to-use Color Calibration Wizard. The wizard includes featuresthat generate linearization curves, ink coverage amounts, device profiles, and source ICC profiles. You may also load existing source ICC profiles and perform circular recursion to reduce average color difference and more.

Unlike conventional calibration utilities EagleDot/EagleProof can also automatically identify deviations from the original state and fix the problem. This ensure sconsistency of color proof quality, and reduces labor costs.

Proof Preview

EagleDot/EagleProofprovide a fast screen preview down to dot level allowing you to check filequality and content before committing the job to expensive ink and media.

Color Tune

With the Color Tune function it is easy to make small color adjustments.

Save media and time with automatic tiling and ganging

EagleDot/EagleProof auto-ganging function will combine pages or jobs of varying size allowing theuser to reduce costs by optimizing media usage.

Save time, money and stress by accurately predicting press output

Founder EagleDot digital screen proofing produces contract proofs based upon the same1-bit TIFF created for your imagesetter (CTF) or platesetter (CTP). This enables the user to check rosette patterns for moiré before creation of film orCTP plates.

EagleDot accurately predicts the color, content and screen dot of the final press output to allow the user to match proof and print.

EagleDot accurately predicts the color, content and screen dot of the final press output to allow the user to match proof and print.

Founder already stopped software update for EagleProof and EagleDot.