Flexo Solution is now avaiabale!

Founder promoted a flexo solution for you byusing Founder design software and workflow with Amsky’s flexo CTP. It is a true one-stop shop, with total solution of digital flexo plate making from file creation to final output, and professional solutions for packaging, labels and security printing.

Besides the basic workflow, Founder provides you a new PDF Rasterizer powered by up-to-date EagleRIP core, with 19 industrial proved screenings for flexo, offset, newspaper, gravure, silk and letterpress.

Amsky’s flexo CTP is more convenient and reliable compare to other ones. The loading and unloading procedure is totally automatic so as to increase productivity and reduce human error. The clamping system has front clamp and end clamp, and the plate will be attached to the drum with both clamps to make it very stable. The auto balance pad on the drum ensures the operation can be very stable and makes high speed imaging possible. Dynamic auto-focus provides more reliable and accurate exposure. The flexible laserdiode can remain quality exposure when some diode broken and can make sure there come out with less regular maintenance compare to integrated laser system.

More than this, the system we are providingis to make the expensive system inexpensive, to make the manual operation automatic, to make the complicated workflow simple and easy to use, to make high cost service level lower.