Activate, Update and Release license offline by visiting:

For detailed instrcutions, please refer to the License Manager.

Needing a license code SN? Please contact us or your local service provider.

Please keep the SN secured and safety for future use.

Manage license codes via your registered account:

If you encounter the Chinese language, please click the English at most right-up corner to change it. If you don't have any account yet, please contact us to apply one. A fee might be charged yearly.

Permanent license revoke policy:

Founder software permanent licenses are treated as the formal contracts between users and providers.

According to the license agreement, users can immigrate the licenses from one computer to another by themselves normally. In some cases, users could not do it by themselves, such as computer broken down, or by any other reasons. Then the provider or manufacturer could help take the revoke operation upon request of customers or users in written.

And meanwhile, the customers or users will take all responsibilities to that revoke operation if anything lost or happened.

All license codes have been designed to take a foreced connection to the BitCloud system in background once every 180 days since activation or last synchroniztion. If the revoke request is too frequent or suspicious of abusing the license code, the interval time would be reduced by half on every request.