ElecRoc 6.6 is released!

ElecRoc 6660 version is officially released on April 18, 2021!

What is new in ElecRoc 6.6 version

1.      ElecRoc server can support Windows 10 2019 and 20H2 version and Windows Server 2019.

2.      ElecRoc client can support macOS Big Sur 11.1 version.

3.      All installation programs and tools are listed on the interface of autorun program.

4.      Optimize the kernel, improved the processed speed and stability.

5.      When the unit of Client is inch, all input boxes can be input 5 characters after decimal point.

6.      The Preview function is no longer affected by the file name.

7.      Spot color table can accept the spot color name with = character.

8.      In PDF Generator,

a.      Pass the PDF file which characters are not included in the font encoding.

b.      Keep the font name of PS file in processed PDF file.

c.      Add Helvetica-Black font to font table

9.      In PDF Rasterizer module, add Transparent Black function. It can control the overprint of transparent black objects.

10.  In 8 bit tiff Export module, add LZW and No Compress compression options. It can control the compression of 8 bit tiff file.

11.  In Imposer and Composer program,

a.      6 decimal can be input to the input box of size.

b.      The min value of page size can be set 0.353mm.

c.      Add the spot colors to side guide mark.

d.      Modified the position of mark in Perfector printing method.

e.      Modified the part function.

f.       Modified the color value of all marks with registry color.

g.      Modified the position of text mark in back signature.

h.      Modified the smart signature mark:

1)      Location Page can accept 4 digits.

2)      Back option is not selected by default

12.  In Pre-RIP Proof and Post-RIP Proof modules,

a.      Optimize the operation of color calibration.

b.      The same type proofers in one job can do color calibration.

13.  Optimize some functions of Ink Control Export module.

14.  Optimize 1 bit tiff file tags, enhance its compatibility.