PaSharp 11.0 is released

Founder PaSharp version 11.0 is now officially released

The new version gets some new features and improvements such as:

1. New feature “Message”

The message panel is added to control and display the warning, error and other information messages popped up by PaSharp.

2. New feature “Dot Calibration” in Tool#

3. New feature in Ink#

Support to change ink order by drag mouse.


4. New feature in Eye#

Support “Color difference” option to specify the ink tolerance when compare two documents.

5. New feature in Eye#

Support to convert spot color into CMYK color when compare two documents.

6. New feature in Mark#

Support to add customized station number in Station number mark.

Support to specify starting number for station number.

7. New feature in Nest#

Support to use oneup file in CFF2 file to do Automatic CAD step and repeat.

8. New Interactive trap

Support to select the trap ticket in Interactive trap.

9. New feature in Barcode#


For more information, please refer to the What’s New of PaSharp 11.0.

To find out more about the new version of PaSharp, you can go visit our website or contact us by email.

May 2021