“Founder EagleJet™ P Series”won the Bison Printing Technology Progress Award!

On theafternoon of 6th January 2022, the result of the 16th Bison Printing Technology Award was officially announced. The project of “Founder EagleJet™ P series single/double-color booklet inkjetprinting equipment key technology R&D and industrialization”(hereinafter referred to as“Founder EagleJet™ P series”) was awarded the second prize of Bison Printing Science and Technology Advancement Award, and was honored to be among the seven winning projects.

“Founder EagleJet™ P Series”is mainly used in government printing, commercial printing, booklet printing and variable data labels, able to adapt to different needs in thefield of on-demand printing, creating a “domestic high-speed inkjet printing solutions”.