Founder Changyi Intelligent Inspection Software Officially Released

On 24th May 2022, the new Founder Changyi Intelligent Inspection Software wasofficially released, which is based on Founder Electronics' well-established and leading computer image processing and Chinese information processing technologies, and in response to the current application scenarios andoperational needs such as professional news publishing and government document spublishing, a large number of faux-visual sensitivity and layout intellectual analysis technologies are added, allowing intelligent inspection realized by software algorithms.

Founder Changyi is capable of accurately recognizing the output formats of various office, typesetting and per-press software, and meanwhile provides multi-mode comparison, including support for pixelcomparison, text comparison and scanning comparison, so as to achieve the expectation of industry users of “high recognition rate, zero leakage rate andlow false alarm rate”, and simultaneously promotes the revision industry toenter the “Intelligent Era”.