Founder EagleJet™ S330 Sheetfed Inkjet Press Launched

In June 2022, Founder Electronics willsoon launch its first sheetfed inkjet press, the Founder EagleJet™S330 sheetfed inkjet press. Based on the small offset printing platform, thisequipment takes into full consideration of the machine control mode,operability and the application of printing modules, featuring the advantagesof “high efficiency, high precision, high digitization, high intelligence, anda wide range of application scenarios”, which can compensate for the shortcomings of the small offset printing machine.

The Founder EagleJet™ S330 sheetfed inkjet press realizes the exploration and practice from the webto sheetfed. As an integrated solution that complements its strengths and weaknesses, it provides a solid and hardcore advantage for business users suchas commercial printers, quick printing shops and other business users with amuch smaller production scale.