PaSharp 12.5 is released

Founder PaSharp version 12.5 is now officially released

1. Supports AI CC2023.

2.Supports MAC OS 13.0

3.New feature in Nest#

The new feature of "Structure Line Ink Mapping" is a preset library which is used to login the management module of various CAD lines, such as cut line and increase line. CAD inks are automatically setup according to the preset library when importing oneup file during doing step&repeat.


4.New feature in Tool#

Supports the function of "Clipping Mask for Image Opacity": Make a clipping path for the part of the image with transparency and make a clipping mask.


5.New feature in Ink#

Supports the function of "Gamut Extension", it can convert expanded gamut through ICC profile, and converts the inks in the document into fixed ink groups.

Dec 2022