PaSharp 12.6 is released

Founder PaSharp version 12.6 is now officially released

1.New feature in Barcode#

Adds two new barcodes: Data Matrix and GS1 Data Matrix

2.New feature in Ink#

Supports new feature of “Extended Palette” and “Extended Color Library”.

In order to better use multiple inks, the feature "Extended Palette" of PaSharp can mix special ink groups, and supports any combination of CMYKROGBPV. The mixed multiple inks can be applied to the objects or saved to an extended color library for future reuse, and also can be exported as a color library file.

The three features of “Extended Palette”, “Extended Color Library” and “Gamut Extension” are not included in the module of Ink#, if the customer hopes to use these three features, please purchases them separately.

3.New feature in Nest#

"Adjust Overlap" supports to adjust overlap only on the two selected boxes by the AB tool.

June 2023