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More Affordable Inkjet POD Solution in the World!

Market approved drop-on-demand industrial inkjet head technology

Total roll-to-sheet print-on-demand inkjet print solution

Short-run mono-color duplex or dual-color duplex book and periodical printing

Flexibledeployment of structure, easily expand to dual-color duplex or spot color

Sales price competitivity as lower as offset press

Have you or your customers been struggling the pain points in traditional offset book and periodical pringting?

• Huge waste of inventory / repertory / stock

Environmental impact of waste and costly chemical treatment

• Long-term press ready time

• Smelly, noisy and dirty workshop harmful to worker's health

• Increasingly cost of human power

Today, you are having the right solution ever before from Founder, most affordable EagleJet POD solution!

Solution Diagrams

Print Line

Press Machine

Cutter Line


Core Technologies

Inkjet printhead control

Circulating ink supplying control

Automatic printhead self-clean system

Fast-speed paralleling RIP

Variable data processing

Special multiple grade-level FM screening for inkjet


Practical printing speed: 99 m/min

Power-on to ready time: <20 minutes

Daily maintenance time: <20 minutes

Daily running time: >20 hours

63,000 A4 prints per hour on average speed at 85 m/min

Average sales: lower than laser and approaching to offset

Competitive balance: 2,000-3,000 copies comparing to offset